Patio Enclosures

Patio Awnings and Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor patio enclosure curtains


One of the many advantages of living on the Gulf Coast is the weather, so why not enjoy your outdoor livings space with Artcraft Awning Co. outdoor curtains. Outdoor curtains have many uses and can enhance your outdoor living space by shielding areas from many aspects or nature.

After a recent installation of a large valance style awning and three rolling curtains to form alcoves in the outdoor living space of a home, the customer shared with Artcraft Awning their opinion. This client of Artcraft Awning Co. chose to install the rolling curtains “to enhance the area, provide relief from the sun, and give the area a finished look.” So far, the owner has enjoyed the patio which surrounds the pool area. She plans on using it most during the spring and summer months for entertaining friends, family, and her 9 grandchildren.


Another use for outdoor curtains is protection from the wind. Artcraft Awning Co. recently installed side rolling curtains on the North and South side of another customer’s outdoor kitchen. The side rolling curtains were installed to shield the area from North wind which had previously prevented the family from using their outdoor kitchen during colder months. With their new rolling curtains, the outdoor kitchen is usable year-round.


Commercial Patio Enclosures

Patio enclosure - expanded dining

Artcraft Awning Co.’s clear curtains are used to weatherproof this dining space in a casual restaurant. This increases seating in all types of weather, while allowing view of the surrounding areas. Now the outdoor seating can be used in all seasons. More seating translates to increased business.

Relaxing Expansion – Sunbrella Roller Curtains

Patio Awning with outdoor curtains

Rolling Side Curtains



Artcraft Awnings Side-Rolling Curtains extend the season for outdoor dining at restaurants and cafes. Curtains in combination with fans, air conditioning or portable heaters can provide comfortable sitting areas year round.


Residential Application Roller Curtains

Residential Roller Curtains

A smart homeowner decided to act the first time she saw the sun streaming into her new screen porch. Traditional curtains could have cut down on some of the heat and glare, however this homeowner chose to transform the porch into a comfortable furnished outdoor living room. To keep the furniture protected the homeowner needed something that could stand up to the rain as well as the sun. Artcraft Awning Co. recommended durable Sunbrella roller curtains. The curtains are adjustable, so that as much light as the homeowner wants can come into the house, while keeping it safe and try. The homeowner has noticed a “very real difference” in the temperature. Now, the homeowner can relax and enjoy the porch rain or shine!