Commercial and Residential Metal Awnings

metal awningFrom commercial locations to residential use, metal awnings are used to add a distinct finishing touch to any structure. Recently, metal awnings have regained popularity, because of the distinct look and feel they give to a building. Providing an easy face-lift to any structure, a metal awning may be used as a simple way to enhance your location.

One of Artcraft Awnings recent projects with metal awnings was to add accents to a restaurant chain’s location. By installing a red standing seam metal awning, we were able to easily transform a dull stucco building into an inviting restaurant storefront.

We have even seen metal awnings put to residential use. By offering metal awnings, Artcraft Awning is committed to offering our customers many options when it comes to adding finishing touches to their locations. From protection for a door or window to covering a walkway or patio, metal awnings are another alternative to traditional fabric awnings.

Artcraft Awning Co. manufactures, installs and maintains metal awnings, standing seam awnings as well as Fabric Awnings.
Our awnings can be seen in the Mobile area, South Alabama, West Side of Florida Panhandle and coastal Mississippi..