Remodeling With Awnings Works

Front Of Building

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Remodeling can seem like a daunting task, but seeing what you’ve envisioned take shape makes it all worthwhile. Teri Allen of Interior Design in Foley knows this first hand; the building she purchased for her business needed a new look for its exterior. She wanted something to add an upscale, elegant ambiance that would complement the sort of work that’s done on the inside. And, since decorating is both her talent and her profession, she already knew exactly what to get for her windows when she called Artcraft Awning. Now a set of spear style awnings made with black, striped fabric and featuring an attractive Grecian key valance grace her storefront.

She’s received many compliments for the air of sophistication and class they give her business. Ms. Allen is proud to know that Interior Design looks great, inside and out.


Eye Catching Awareness

Commercial AwningWhen Mr. Tofey Leon took over and began expanding Express Oil Change in the South Alabama region, he called Artcraft Awning Company to provide him with the rounded style bold striped awnings that now adorn his stores in Daphne, West Mobile and Foley. Businesses want to build an identity in the minds of their customers and regardless of eachExpress Oil Change buildings overall design, the awnings help create a consistent and unique look. Mr. Leon tells us that, “All of my stores are going to have awnings.” As his business continues to expand, Artcraft Awning Company is ready to outfit future locations with awnings that identify Express Oil Change