Making Waves On The Eastern Shore

Changing The Contours Of a Blocky Building with Awnings

Curved AwningIn need of a cost-effective design alternative, Paul Davis, architect for the Eastern Shore Christian Center, contacted Artcraft Awning to help make his vision of an “abstract wave” for the Center a reality. Tony Legear, Eastern shore Christian Center’s Senior Pastor, explained “the design of the awnings was very much a reflection of our young congregation and our feel about church.” Artcraft Awning was able to use canvas awnings in creating the pictured curved design for the side of the center envisioned by Davis and Legear.
Upon completion, our customers at Eastern Shore Christian Center have been beyond pleased with the final product offered by Artcraft Awning.

awning“We have been immeasurably satisfied with our awnings. In fact, they have made our building what it is: colorful, a little zany, modern and intriguing. The awnings have made our metal, square building anything but square!” says Legear.


In place, the awnings not only provide a dramatic effect, but they also offer shade reducing the heat and providing for a covering along the building from the elements. Besides providing the “waving” canopy awning for the center, Artcraft Awning also supplied the panels used in the pictured tower at the front entrance.

With endless design capabilities, Artcraft Awning is able to supply innovative uses for our products.

“[Artcraft] understood our concept and treated us like we were the only customers in the world. They were professional, neat and took time often to explain various dimensions of the process to us. We simply could not be happier to share our experience with those who may consider the magic of Artcraft Awning!” explains Legear.


Cream Of The Crop

Window AwningLocated in a historic home in Mobile’s Oakleigh Garden District, Cream & Sugar is Mobile’s newest coffeehouse and dessert café and is one of Artcraft Awning’s most recent satisfied customers. Cream & Sugar owner sought out Artcraft Awning to create a solution to control the afternoon sun from beaming into the dining room of her new café. Improved Look with AwningsPrior to contacting Artcraft, she considered tinting the windowpanes of the historic location but decided in favor of canopy awnings because of their aesthetically pleasing appearance and ability to blend into the atmosphere and appeal of the historic location.

Taking into account the owner’s needs, Artcraft Awning suggested adding awnings to the south facing windows of the shop and supplied photos of the shop with digital superimposed awnings.

Supplying these photos “enabled me to envision how the awnings would look and made it an easier decision”. With the awnings in place, they now not only help control the afternoon sun, but they “add to the charm and character of the . . . shop”.

Artcraft’s canopy awnings add a captivating finishing touch to any location.