Changing a Streetscape with Awnings

Entrance Without Awning
Fabric awning
Entrance After Awning

Downtown Fairhope has become a source of inspiration for many cities hoping to beautify their environments. A quick drive through Fairhope will reveal that part of the city’s charm comes from the prevalence and variety of awnings that adorn its storefronts. Businesses are not the only users of awnings in creating a distinctive look. Many private residences in Fairhope incorporate awnings both as a design element and to provide more basic practical benefits.

Improve Appearance and Protect Entrance

Without Awning
Improved Entrance with Awning









The Schnacke’s were interested in awnings to protect newly installed wood and glass doors that had an insufficient eave overhang for protection from the elements. They chose convex style awnings with vibrant stripe patterns. The awnings provide both visual appeal and excellent cover from the sun and rain. Mrs. Schnacke also covered the patio furniture cushions in the same awning fabric which gives the entire outdoor living space a comfortable and pleasing décor. With their awnings in place, the Schnacke’s have a charming and enjoyable patio space.